A Clinic You Can Trust

It is important that you ensure that your medical marijuana card is legit as otherwise, you might get into legal trouble. California counties do not approve of a medical marijuana card if the address cannot be verified. This means that PO boxes are not accepted. So, before you hand out your information to a complete stranger on the internet ensure you check the following

  • A real physical Address
  • Interaction with a real person
  • The license of the physician
  • Existence of Customer Support

The Best 420 Clinic by a Mile


ur aim is to bridge the gap that exists between patients and medical marijuana at this time.

Cannabis has been around since 1996 in a medical capacity but even today it can often get very agonizing to get your hands on cannabis. We believe that cannabis can help save lives but for any person to truly benefit from it the access needs to be simplified. We have a simple three-step process in place that helps people gain access to cannabis in a quick and efficient manner. We also have an extremely qualified team in place that allows us to carry out 420 evaluations with ease.

Got Any Question About The Process?

Contact us if you have any questions regarding your medical cannabis card.