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There are various benefits associated with owning an MMJ card.

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If you go out to a dispensary to buy recreational cannabis then all you need is a valid photo id proving that you are over the age of 21. But for medical marijuana, the case is slightly different. The qualifying conditions vary on a state to state basis.

In California the most common qualifying conditions are:

  • Cachexia
  • Cancer
  • Anorexia
  • Chronic Pain
  • Severe Nausea
  • Persistent Muscle Spasms
  • Glaucoma
  • Arthritis

If you don’t find your condition in the list you can still qualify for an MMJ card if;

  • If your condition is not alleviated then you may suffer from severe discomfort and harm the patient’s mental and physical health.
  • It limits a person’s ability to conduct significant life functions as mentioned in the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

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$4599Yearly Regularly $69
  • Instant pdf Recommendation via email.
  • Hard copy with Embossed seal on it.
  • Extend your validity for another year.
  • Grow Up to 99 plants


$4999Yearly Regularly $79
  • Instant PDF Copy via email
  • Access to all the Dispensaries in CA
  • Hard Copy with Embossed Seal on It
  • Grow Up to 99 plants


$3999Yearly Regularly $59
  • Access to all the Dispensaries in CA
  • Instant PDF Recommendation via email
  • Hard Copy with Embossed Seal on It
  • Grow Up to 99 plants


$19999Yearly Regularly $249
  • Instant PDF Recommendation via email
  • Access to all the Dispensaries in CA
  • Hard Copy with Embossed Seal on It
  • Grow Up to 99 plants
+$20 Extra For Plastic Photo ID Card

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it important to get a medical marijuana card even though recreational cannabis is available?2020-07-24T08:48:49+00:00

It is not a compulsion to get a medical marijuana card but if you have a medical condition is recommended that you get an MMJ card as there are various benefits associated with owning a card.

What are the qualifying conditions for people who need a medical marijuana card?2020-07-24T08:48:57+00:00

Every state has a different list of qualifying conditions. In Modesto, to qualify for a medical marijuana card one needs to have a condition as mentioned in the California Proposition 215 along with the revised Senate Bill 420.

Do I need to renew my medical marijuana card?2020-07-24T08:49:07+00:00

Yes, a medical marijuana card needs to be renewed every year from the date of issue.

Does insurance cover the cost of medical cannabis?2020-07-24T08:49:15+00:00

Cannabis is still a scheduled substance as per the federal laws of the US. Because of this, it is very tough to find an insurance provider willing to cover the cost of cannabis.

Does Modesto practice MMJ card reciprocity?2020-07-24T08:49:26+00:00

No, at this current time there are no rights that have been granted to out of state cardholders.

— Driving With Cannabis

As per the California Vehicle Code 23222(b) VC, which came into effect in 2018, it is illegal to drive under the influence of cannabis. If you are found you can be charged and fined. The laws and penalties are pretty similar to what happens if you are found driving under the influence of alcohol. As far as carrying is concerned you can drive with the legal limit in the car but it should be in a sealed childproof container with the seal intact. Additionally, there should not be a minor present in the car. You are also not allowed to cross state lines with cannabis in your possession even if it is legal in the other state.

— Flying With Cannabis

The rules regarding flying with cannabis are slightly complicated as cannabis is still a scheduled substance at the federal level. In Los Angeles, you are allowed to carry the permissible limit in your carry on as long as you are flying to a place located within the same state. This means no more than 8g of concentrates or 28.5g of plant material should be found with you. There is another catch while flying with cannabis. When you are in the air that is considered to be federal space. So, on a technicality, you can be arrested while you are up in the air.

— Growers License

Cannabis costs tend to add up over time. Even with a tax break, depending on the strain you are using the cost per ounce can come out to be anything between $100-$400. That is a steep amount for anyone to pay. You can, however, save some money by getting yourself a grower’s license. This will help you cultivate the strain you need along with the amount that is required by you. As a medical user, you are allowed to grow 12 plants but that might not be enough. The costs that you will incur would be for the initial set up beyond which the costs come down to $30-$50 per ounce.

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